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The Therapist

Caleb Mothorn L.C.M.T.

I have always had strong hands, and the only work I ever did was construction like my family, and then when I lived in Santa Cruz, I got a job working for Sylvania Lighting co. and was hard at work, New Years came along and I was excited, I had my spot in Santa Cruz a great job, so I celebrated at My friend's house in Sacramanto, and I had to drive home to Santa Cruz to get back to work and I was tired from all that driving, nevertheless I drove my 04'Chevy blazer home late New Years day morning/night and I fell asleep at the wheel, drove off the freeway South 680 South in Pleasanton crashed into 3 trees and my truck was crushed; I suffered a Traumatic brain injury, and slept in a coma for all of January, woke up and my right leg had compound fractures, leaving me in a cast, I had to learn how to walk all over again, with walker and it was going to be a rough recovery, so I returned to my Dear brother's house in Carmichael to rehibilitate there close to my family.

I got stronger and I had to decide what to do now about getting back to work as I have always been a workaholic. I enrolled in Western Career College for Massage Therapy and tho'I could not yet walk without my cane I was riding my Mountain Bike fine so i started riding it to school 8-11-2008 4 days a week. And i finished Massage School and training June 2009, I then started attending regular academic College to pursue a degree in Physical Therapy. 7-23-2010 I passed the State Mblexam and got my license and liability insurance and started this business~ Ultimate7Massage, I hope to Relax people Ultimately Comfortable and make good friends in the process. God has blessed me much and given me alot of strength to get this all done and to Him be the Glory

Please and thank you very much

Caleb Mothorn L.C.M.T